Saturday, September 1, 2012

"New to Me" ~ a prayer


12 Elul 5772, Thursday, 8:19 AM, at a Starbucks in Philadelphia

Dearest Sweet Beloved Divine Parent, Thank You for the opportunity to commune with You. Thank You this early morning opportunity to dawn with the unfolding of emotional sincerity. To You I am drawn, like a lost child who's just discovered his/her parents, like soul mates whom upon reaching adulthood, after years of separation, finally meet ~ what a celebration!

Yet with You, I’m within You 24/7. In fact, my whole existence is within You. My whole existence is You. I’m a character inside Your dream. I’m simultaneously, within You & You. In a deeper sleep, I feel within You. However, my ultimate wakeful state is my seamless absorption into Your Being. Ah! The human words don’t do the reality of our relationship justice. It’s so so deep!

Yet, despite the inherent constancy of connection to You, I still feel like at every session like I’m encountering my long lost Parent or Lover. The freshness and renewal in our relationship dazzles me, surprises me and inspires me. Perhaps, the reason is because we’re interacting over endlessness. Relative to my human experience, my states of heart seem endless and certainly what You flow into me in response to my states of heart seems endless to me.

If I had a very good friend whom I can count on for freshly new and inspiring insight every single day, I’d look very much forward to our daily deep meaningful discussions. It doesn’t matter if he or she is the same friend I met everyday, day in and day out. It does not even matter if the meeting place is overly familiar. What matters is that the content of our discussions are fresh and new ~ not old and worn.

This is what I can count on in our daily communion. Therefore, the same Creator feels new to me in every session. There’s a passage in the Zohar which states that Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, our Biblical Patriarchs, each had four wives. Abraham and Jacob had four wives in four different people. Isaac had four wives in one person - Rebecca. Who was luckier? I think Isaac was. Why? Because he was able to have a multitude of freshly new experiences simply by accessing one source. If the connection is right, the variety needed to sustain, nourish, grow, stay excited, awake and full of longing for what comes next can come from one source.

Thank You for this beautiful session. Help me carry it in the most sensitive pocket of my heart. Love and Kisses …

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