Monday, November 29, 2010

Floating Coconut

Meditator strolled by the river bank.
Nearby, bobbed a floating coconut.

Weeks passed, he revisited the spot.
Weather dried up, river bank receded. 
Coconut now lay nested on soft soil,
Sprouting a lush frond filled sapling.

Meditator contemplated the scene,
"How far has the river carried you,
To your destined sprouting patch?
How far does life's river carry us,
To sprout on destined fertile soil?   

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Wind in Fabric

"I open wide my boat sails,
Boat sits, going nowhere,
Til You wind-fill my fabric."


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Two Cells

In an embryo, two developing cells met :
A baby heart cell and a baby brain cell.

Heart cell carried a drop of brain light.
Brain cell carried a drop of heart light.

Attracted, they danced to each other.
Upon contact, they exchanged lights.

Heart cell surrendered her brain light.
Thus, she blossomed into a full heart.

Brain cell surrendered his heart light.
Thus, he blossomed into a full brain.

They exchanged drops for a reason:
Not merely, to attain their own lights,
But also to release what's not theirs.

Carrying another's blessings "blocks".
The holder blossoms upon surrender. 

Surrender is more than just letting go,
It also crafts vessels to hold new gifts.


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Sacred Teachings

With sacred teachings,
Eat delicately, 
So every subtle taste,
Will resonate within.


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Garment of Thought


The aroma of fresh coffee filled the room.
Shelved books, splashed radiant colors.

Bookstore cafe' full, soft background music.
Sage sat at coffee table, bent over a scroll.
The scroll was so ancient, yet so modern.
It's luminous words read in flashes of light:

The scroll's radiance caught Seeker's eye.
He stopped by Sage, offering a fresh brew.

Sage saw Seeker's face alive with interest.
He invited Seeker to read an open passage:

Before heaven and earth were created,
There was a vast cosmic mental space.

In the vast space grew a precious garment,
Fabricated entirely from cosmic thought.

Wrapped in thought, Creator faces created.
Donning the garment, He designs worlds.

He brings His prophets close to the garb,
When He desires to enjoy their intimacy.

From the garment, He transmits thoughts,
Disguised, they mask as human thoughts.

Many human ideas are "sparks of the garb".
Within them are live sparks of their Wearer.

Seeker: "Can ideas taste of their Wearer?"
Sage: "Ideally, they carry His divine flavor.
However, dull perception casts darkness."
Seeker: "Is this why people turn to logic?"

Sage: "Yes, for now logic is their safety net.
Soon many will travel a path of tasting truth."

Seeker: "When will this movement begin?"
Sage: "When selfish cocoons peel away,
With Kindness, Selflessness, Oneness..."

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Droplets in Love

Soul filled the whole mental space with consciousness.
Night descended, body slept, soul ascended to heaven.
She left a soul drop behind, to maintain her earthly nest.
As soul ascended higher, soul drop parted, two droplets.

Droplets engaged a lively discussion about feeling love.
Little droplet: "Why love you, I feel so separate from you?"
Big droplet: "All life's differences spring from one source."
Little droplet: "But, I don't feel continuous with your being."
Big droplet: "All streams must flow from a single fountain.
Think your heart into feeling bonds of love. It's possible."

Morning dawned, soul began descent to her earthly nest.
In her arriving shadow, the two droplets now felt so close.
They merged in passionate ecstasy, fused into one drop.
Soul backed off, allowing them to separate once again. 
Then she came closer in, they repeated their ecstasy.
Finding love too precious, she held back from entering.

She just hovered above and kept varying her distance.
Moving farther away, caused the droplets to separate.
Moving closer in, caused them to merge in sweet love. 
She decided not to wake so fast, as dreaming is bliss.

If she landed, their identities would dissolve in her's.
As long as she dreamed, they would joyfully live on.

       _____________*    *______________

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Life's a Dance


Up and down, whirl around, life's a dance.
Weather flows hot, cool, warm, cool, cold.

Life is always transitioning, rarely rigidly.
Autumn, leaves green mix with red, golden.
Spring, some trees buds, others flowering.  

Fuzzily, paths open up to life's next season.
Sometimes changes move softly, a waltz.
At other times tempestuous, like a salsa.
Celestial music always guides life's dance. 

A wild dance arouses deaf to ask, "Why?"
They hear no music, their ears, unrefined.
Yet, their eyes behold violent movements.
Without music, a dance seems senseless.

There are few among deaf who sense more.
They surmise drops of music from the dance.
With effort, they surmise what they don't hear.
They are the disciples of mystical teachings.

The true mystics actually hear life's music.
They see all dancing blissfully wed to music.

A child observed the dance and wondered.
He asked for the Musician and He appeared !
Child and Musician became sweetest friends.
Since then all deaf can befriend the Musician.