Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A Lurianic Joke!

Have you heard that the Jolly Pleasure Seeker was born without a left side? 

Well...don't worry about Him ... 'cause He's all-right. :)

Hint: "les simola b'hai atika" ~ Zohar :)

The Cloak's Fabric


To withhold spiritual light takes an even stronger light. 

Only light is powerful enough to hold back light.

Hence, the mystery of how the darkest places are really the highest spiritual lights.


Self Conquest

In my class last week, a student asked me why is the Creator's capacity to withhold called "gevurah" - which conventionally means "strength". Its also the root underlying Hebrew words that mean warrior or hero; people not particularly known for holding back anything.

I responded that the Creator's true desire is to be doing kindness and giving. To withhold kindness and giving is not really what He wants to do and takes Self conquest on His part.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Map n’ Territory

To the spiritually minded:

The map is not the territory,

but neither is the territory the experience.

Wet to Water

A thought:

Encountering higher states of self is to encounter higher states of happiness. On that level the sensation of happiness is to life, as wet is to water.

I think one can encounter these states of higher self/happiness through meditation and/or through doing kindness.

Meditation was Isaac's primary path.

Kindness was Abraham's primary path. :)