Thursday, April 21, 2016

Of Petals n' Leaves

I prefer the color bursts of petals,
 Over the color bursts of leaves.
I prefer the clear meadows of Spring,
 Over the dense foliage of Autumn;
For one heralds the arrival of life,
 While the other, heralds cold decay.
Though both seasons reside in Oneness,
 And each has a letter in His holy name,
In one, I hunker down for the coming freeze,
 While in the other, I flourish in the gentle breeze.

Return to One

If your heart runs,
 Return to One.
If your heart's in pain,
 Return to One.
If your heart pleasures,
 Return to One.
In sadness or rejoicing,
 Return to One.
In loneliness or in love,
 Return to One.
In sickness or health,
 Return to One.
In poverty or wealth,
 Return to One.
The One is Infinite,
 He contains all.
Whether down or up,
 You are within Him.
So if your heart runs,
 Regain your balance,
  By returning to One.


Is it a tradition,
Or interpretation?
If a tradition,
What can I say?
If interpretation,
Let's roll n' roll about;
Have fun in the mud,
Frolic in great debate.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Nest Between

Yes, seek your Source,
But tarry on earth longer;

For unbeknownst to you,
Your Source reveals in two.

Above there's a window,
Where you behold His light.

Below there's an abyss,
Light suppressed as night.

With window and abyss,
He crafts extended arms,

To embrace you with,
As you nest 'tween them.

One arm connects you,
As the other corrects you.

If you really seek Him,
Love His whole embrace.


Monday, April 4, 2016

Embraced by More

Space is not the fabric between objects.
Nor is it the objects between the fabric.

It is that which embraces them both.
Everything is more than it seems to be.