Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Nest Between

Yes, seek your Source,
But tarry on earth longer;

For unbeknownst to you,
Your Source reveals in two.

Above there's a window,
Where you behold His light.

Below there's an abyss,
Light suppressed as night.

With window and abyss,
He crafts extended arms,

To embrace you with,
As you nest 'tween them.

One arm connects you,
As the other corrects you.

If you really seek Him,
Love His whole embrace.


1 comment:

  1. From a conversation with a live listener:

    Briana commented that she loves this poem and the meaning is so easy to pick out; as its not obscured behind metaphor.

    I responded back that I purposely strive for what I consider an Eastern mystical model of poetry, where the poems use highly resonant imagery and yet their meanings are transparent. This way they can serve as educational devices to convey spiritual ideas. Instead of using metaphors to conceal, I strive to use them to reveal. I consider Rumi, Hafiz, Khalil Gibran, Lao Tzu as examples of masters of this poetry model.

    This poem in particular to speaking to a tendency among certain spiritual seekers to isolate themselves from what's worldly. The poem is conveying that worldliness is not a barrier to an Infinite Being. He's conveyed differently, but equally, via the heavenly and the earthly. It's best to allow oneself to be embraced by both arms.