Friday, November 18, 2016

Answer Births Question

Answer births question,
 As water births thirst.

Had the cosmos lacked water,
 It would lack thirst too.

So the presence of questions,
 Is evidence of answers.

As soul is to body,
 So is answer to question.

The birth of body,
 Is in separation from soul.

The birth of question,
 Is in separation from answer.

Why’s birth in separation,
 Just to reunite what was?

What’s gained by ripping,
 Only to repaste what was?

Along the seams of torn,
 Buds a new relationship.

It’s for this preciousness,
 That all seams are born.

In struggling with question,
 The answer comes so alive;

Not as passive information,
 But as fresh vivid awareness,

That tingles the spine,
 Rouses celebration in heart,

With flute, guitar n’ drums,
 As the singer does her part.


Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Big Question

Welcome “Big Question”,
 Surprised I yearn for you;

Though not pretty,
 But hard, black n’ rough?

Yes, you're an ugly coal,
 So difficult to set alight.

My soul struggles n’ sweats,
 Bit by bit to consume you.

You resist her efforts so,
 Arousing her with appetites.

Finally ... her flame catches,
 Making her far more luminous;

As what was once coal,
 Slowly transforms into soul.

She becomes bigger, brighter,
 Illuminating ever farther reaches.


Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Global Love Fire

The world is on fire,
  Only it doesn’t yet know.

It is burning with love,
  Yet secret recesses obscure.

There’s love in the air,
  I feel it, but can’t explain it.

I smell it in my soul,
 Yet know not its source.

This fire doesn’t destroy,
  It’s a fire of healing n’ warmth.

As you conflagrate,
  You’ll become more alive.

You’ll burn others too,
  As your aura radiates theirs.

Don’t be afraid of fire,
 When it’s the kind we all want.

We all want a world,
  Filled with love and kindness.

Bask in the fire n’ share,
  Spread it around n’ care.