Monday, April 4, 2016

Embraced by More

Space is not the fabric between objects.
Nor is it the objects between the fabric.

It is that which embraces them both.
Everything is more than it seems to be.


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  1. Comments from the FaceBook posting:

    Rabbi Shaul: Ether=something

    The world was created Something from everything.

    Choni: For some, this is a mind bender. But that's why I post it. It is "tikkun olam" to bend minds. LOL. Mind bending gives the "partzifim" in "Olam Atzilut" more contact with people, as their minds become more attuned. That's a big part of "tikkun olam".

    Rabbi Shaul: Taking a stroll through the Olam (ne'elam) Tzimztum
    {play the twilight zone clip here} and proceed to a place that is nowhere but everywhere; as the wave realized it was the ocean before it slid back into knowing it completely again.

    Choni: You should be writing mystical poetry my friend. I think English speaking humanity needs more and more Jewish versions of what Khalil Gibran and Rumi had accomplished.