Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Uniquing Vastness

Fish displace water,
As they swim through.
Is space displaced,
By passing objects too?
I ponder n' wonder,
Ready to self discover.
As water was entered,
 So fish developed within.
But what entered space,
Suddenly needing to fit in?
Nothing from outside,
Entered the hollow within.
So what claims a place,
Must also be part of space;
Space forms manifested,
 From formless potential.
Space isn’t simply a void,
A uniformly empty stretch.
Objects impart variety,
Uniquing vast spacescape.

1 comment:

  1. Choni : I know that "Sefer Etz Chaim" speaks of the "line of light" entering the "afterglow" after the "withdrawal". However, in "138 Openings of Wisdom" it states that the "line of light" only added direction. The actual raw material from which everything was subsequently emanated, formed and made was the "afterglow" itself. Hence, the entering was not the introduction of new raw material.

    I am aware that I am speaking of the area of the "withdrawal" and the "afterglow" as if they are the physical universe. I believe that the physical universe is what the highly limited human perception picks up of that spiritual reality. Obviously, if seen with "angel eyes" it would look vastly different (perhaps, something closer to what is described in "Sefer Etz Chaim").