Thursday, March 3, 2016


Where are you? Who are you?
Did I accidentally pass you by?

Have I ever seen you in earthly garb?
Doesn't a woman want to show her attire?

Would I recognize you if you sat by me?
Am I pure enough to sense such vibes?

The very thought of you sets me aflutter;
Excitement n' loneliness pulsate at once.

Though I know not your earthly garb,
I know you; miss ya through n' through.

Through the years, I've pictured you,
If you can believe me, a thousand ways.

With almost every passing woman I asked,
Though silently, almost in prayer, "Is it you?"

If this is what I undergo, what do you feel?
I wonder what storms rage your heartscape.

They say that women are more emotional,
That their heartscapes are far more volatile.

So if I am wanting in our Creator's eyes,
I pray that He join us, at least for your sake.

As you must be the more precious of us,
Your dreams n' yearnings deserve fruition.


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  1. FaceBook Comments:

    Malka: Very creative did u write that?

    Choni: Yes Malka, I wrote it. During the week days I often do a written Hisbodedus meditation. This poem is adapted from yesterday's session. In the original it is a prayer. Poetry tends to be my art form. Thank you for appreciating. I have a whole blog filled with my writings, if you are interested.

    Wendy: I love it!!!
    Choni: Thank you Wendy.
    Wendy: You're welcome!