Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Droplets in Love

Soul filled the whole mental space with consciousness.
Night descended, body slept, soul ascended to heaven.
She left a soul drop behind, to maintain her earthly nest.
As soul ascended higher, soul drop parted, two droplets.

Droplets engaged a lively discussion about feeling love.
Little droplet: "Why love you, I feel so separate from you?"
Big droplet: "All life's differences spring from one source."
Little droplet: "But, I don't feel continuous with your being."
Big droplet: "All streams must flow from a single fountain.
Think your heart into feeling bonds of love. It's possible."

Morning dawned, soul began descent to her earthly nest.
In her arriving shadow, the two droplets now felt so close.
They merged in passionate ecstasy, fused into one drop.
Soul backed off, allowing them to separate once again. 
Then she came closer in, they repeated their ecstasy.
Finding love too precious, she held back from entering.

She just hovered above and kept varying her distance.
Moving farther away, caused the droplets to separate.
Moving closer in, caused them to merge in sweet love. 
She decided not to wake so fast, as dreaming is bliss.

If she landed, their identities would dissolve in her's.
As long as she dreamed, they would joyfully live on.

       _____________*    *______________


  1. A Collection of Facebook Comments:

    Choni - For the soul hungry "dinner's ready"! Eat delicately so every subtle taste will resonate within.

    SB - so deep :) wow

    Choni - Thank you for enjoying this Suzy. I'd say that it's a parable about the relationship between the Creator and creations and of the relationships among the creations themselves.

    DPC - Very passionate and sensuous...

    Choni - Thank you for enjoying. I can't guarantee that every poem I'll write will be like this one, but, with G*d's help I hope to write others of this caliber.

    DL - EXCELLENT!!!!