Monday, November 29, 2010

Floating Coconut

Meditator strolled by the river bank.
Nearby, bobbed a floating coconut.

Weeks passed, he revisited the spot.
Weather dried up, river bank receded. 
Coconut now lay nested on soft soil,
Sprouting a lush frond filled sapling.

Meditator contemplated the scene,
"How far has the river carried you,
To your destined sprouting patch?
How far does life's river carry us,
To sprout on destined fertile soil?   


  1. Thank you Rebbetzin for your comment. I love the crossroads between depth and simplicity.

  2. Very nice and interesting poem.

  3. Thank you for enjoying and commenting.

  4. Your texts always have a moral lesson in them--always so true, so spiritual, so close to our Creator.

    There is also a fine line between simplicity and depth, authentic genesis vs. the lunatic fringe, up and down, tall and short, hot and cold, and so forth. This would be another discussion.

  5. Thank you for your insightful comment Angela. I think the way to maintain the qualities you described within your comment, is by being "anchored". In my case the anchoring is the Torah teachings I've learned. I'm not necessarily claiming that everything I write, is quoted from Torah. What I am saying is that it's at least based on ideas from Torah.