Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Garment of Thought


The aroma of fresh coffee filled the room.
Shelved books, splashed radiant colors.

Bookstore cafe' full, soft background music.
Sage sat at coffee table, bent over a scroll.
The scroll was so ancient, yet so modern.
It's luminous words read in flashes of light:

The scroll's radiance caught Seeker's eye.
He stopped by Sage, offering a fresh brew.

Sage saw Seeker's face alive with interest.
He invited Seeker to read an open passage:

Before heaven and earth were created,
There was a vast cosmic mental space.

In the vast space grew a precious garment,
Fabricated entirely from cosmic thought.

Wrapped in thought, Creator faces created.
Donning the garment, He designs worlds.

He brings His prophets close to the garb,
When He desires to enjoy their intimacy.

From the garment, He transmits thoughts,
Disguised, they mask as human thoughts.

Many human ideas are "sparks of the garb".
Within them are live sparks of their Wearer.

Seeker: "Can ideas taste of their Wearer?"
Sage: "Ideally, they carry His divine flavor.
However, dull perception casts darkness."
Seeker: "Is this why people turn to logic?"

Sage: "Yes, for now logic is their safety net.
Soon many will travel a path of tasting truth."

Seeker: "When will this movement begin?"
Sage: "When selfish cocoons peel away,
With Kindness, Selflessness, Oneness..."

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