Sunday, August 26, 2012

What Your Kindness does for my Heart ~ a prayer

Thursday 5 Elul 5772, 8:10 AM, at a Starbucks in Philadelphia

Dearest Sweet Beloved Divine Parent, Thank you for the opportunity to commune with You. Thank You for the constant kindnesses that I’m aware of and experience. My knowledge and awareness of them nourishes my focus on You. These kindnesses that You bring to my awareness nourish my faith in You. Of course as my Creator, You hide almost everything from for my own good. Just for starters: (A) it would be overwhelming (B) it may cause me to get in my own way (C) it will interfere with free choice. Yet, that little spark of awareness You allow me does so much for my relationship with You. It allows me to be inspired by You. It allows me to teach others Your ways. It reinforces for me that You are here and You care. It reinforces for me that You want a relationship with me.

Much of what a parent does for a child is behind the scenes. The child doesn’t know about it. In many cases, if the child were to overhear the parents’ plans on his/her behalf, the child still wouldn’t understand and trying to understand them would be confusing. Yet, every nurturing parent tries to do some things for a child that the child can relate to, understand and carry in his/her awareness. Why? To nurture a relationship with the child by managing the perception of the parent in the child’s mind and heart.

Similarly, Your kindness and Your ways [that] I can perceive, understand and relate to nurture my side of the relationship with You. Occasionally, there may be a very mature child who doesn’t require such a constant stream of reinforcement. This is compared to very high and big souls who don’t want spiritual pampering and view it as a sign of their growth and maturity that they no longer need such coddling and favors. However, I only relate to such a state as a metaphor. I don’t relate to it in a real way. So, I’m obviously a smaller and lower soul. I need spiritual treats and candies along the way to reinforce and nurture, to feel Your Involvement and Your Love.  Knowing that this is part of my needs, I thank You with a full heart for every drop of these perceptions of kindness You dote upon me. In fact, I beg of You to increase them - so I become more and more aware of You. It’s far more honest [for me] to be in Your Presence who I really am than to pretend a greatness, maturity and independence that’s not in me. In any event who can hide from Your all seeing and all knowing perception?

Thank You kindly for transmitting to me the words of this prayer. Love and Kisses …


  1. From "Kosher Kabbalah" group on FaceBook:

    Yamile L: ‎` Wonderful !!!! again, the light from your words illuminated my face while I was reading your latest work, Dear Choni. Most beautiful! thanks for posting this tonight.

    Choni Elchonon Kihleel: To Yamile L., With pleasure :) I try to bring forth the ripe fruits of my heart as a model for others to do the same.

  2. From "Above & Under His Blessings" FaceBook group:

    Yamile L: Excellent post as well..............enjoy as much as I did :)

    Sara L: ‎Choni Elchonon Kihleel so very insprirng thank you so much!! Enjoyed that.

    Choni Elchonon Kihleel: My greatest pleasure Sara L. :)

  3. From my regular FaceBook status post:

    Jane H.: I loved this Choni. Thanks.

    Choni Elchonon Kihleel To Jane H. : This prayer is a personal celebration of not giving into the temptation to delude myself that I am on a spiritual level which I am not. Unlike those who have truly evolved, at the moment, I still feel the need for "gifts" and "prizes" along the way to reinforce my relationship with my Creator.