Saturday, August 18, 2012

Love Drunk - a prayer

A Written Prayer: 29 Menachem Av 5772, 8:05 AM, in a Starbucks in Philly

Dearest Sweet Beloved Divine Parent, Thank You for Your kindness of allowing me time to emote to You this morning. I’m truly thankful.

Last night I posted our session from the other morning, the one that points out that it’s the level of blessing and not the system’s style that determines success. However, I’m having some second thoughts about whether it was such a good idea to post a prayer where my heart truly went drunk. Will people understand that a prayer isn’t an essay?  One’s a spontaneous outburst of emotions. The other is logically crafted and woven. In any event, it’s up. This morning I need to drink from the waters of intimacy with You once again. If I get drunk in the light of Your Love, let it happen! It’s nourishing. It’s not an optional substance. It’s a nutrient of the soul. Actually, it’s a “nutrient infusion” the soul yearns for the heart to ingest. You are my life itself and I’ve been yearning for this moment in spontaneous heartfelt prayer since the conclusion of yesterday’s session.

In You and with You I feel comfortable crying, in every shade of emotion, in You alone! ...

(the central content of this prayer is too private to share) ...

Please in the sanctuary of this cafe’ hold me like a coffee cup and drink from my emotions. Do You feel my love for You, my voluntary love for You? Do You take in my fear of upsetting You? Do You feel how I yearn for You to be happy and pleased with me? Do You feel how I yearn to truly know what I can personally do to make You happier and please You further and how I wish for messages and communications from You, on the matter, [in a way] that makes sense to me?

It’s time for me to attend work. Please Lover come and accompany me. Thank You for Your Love. Thank You for this time with You.

Love and Kisses …

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