Friday, September 14, 2012

A Drop of Paradise ~ a prayer

24 Elul 5772, Tues., at a Starbucks in Philadelphia

Dearest Sweet Beloved Divine Parent, Thank You for helping me find a place to commune with You. Thank You for the opportunity to commune with You. Thank You for last night’s class. Thank You for this morning’s Torah study. I guess the concept that struck my chord most is the notion that a tiny drop of a higher realm has so much more to it than the entirety of a lower realm. This is why all the pleasures of the world combined don’t even attain to the pleasures of a drop of paradise. The popular conception of paradise is that its a place of peace, serenity, weightlessness, love, deeper understandings, etc. However, these are only earthly attempts to approximate paradise. What paradise really is can’t be grasped by a human mind attached to flesh. The reason is because every pleasure the world offers combined together is still less than a drop of paradise. That’s why to some extent it still needs to be earned. Otherwise, it’s painful absorbing. The highest pleasure can soar into the most intense pain; again, a pain of a proportion unmatched in our physical world, “bread of shame”. This might actually be what the opposite of paradise is; enduring the “bread of shame” until the intensity of such pain itself earns the paradise for the person within the year (in spiritual terms).

This also explains why it shouldn’t be a surprise that the seven spiritual days it took to create the residence of Adam and Eve in Eden flattens out into billions of earthly years. That’s what it take to translate the same phenomena in a far more limited medium with inferior time units.

This whole difference is one of quality. It’s what’s often referred to as a paradigm shift. Even in the best attempts to translate from higher reality into lower reality, the highest and finest is usually lost in translation ~ serving as a transcendent light to the newly translated reality, influencing, guiding, but, not quite grasped.

So even with billions of years on the earthly realm, not everything quite translated from Eden into our realm. It’s like a shattered mirror trying to reflect the image of a full face. That’s what our realm is relative to Eden. This is why eventually there needs to be a new heavens and earth, a better vessel to process the light.

What this all means to me is yet another signal to be humble, patient, full of faith and love for You; There are very good reasons why I can’t wrap my mind anchored in flesh around the real truth of what’s going on around me. My very best response is to simply to place myself emotionally in Your “Hands” and trust You to carry me along. 

Thank You. Love & Kisses ...

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