Monday, September 24, 2012

Fascinated by Souls ~ a reflective prayer/meditation

8 Tishrei 5773, at a Starbucks in Philadelphia

Dearest Sweet Beloved Divine Parent,

Thank You for the opportunity to commune with You on this beautiful early Autumn morning. Thank You for the opportunity to be at a family occasion yesterday. It was nice to share space and celebration with so many people who have a space of love in their souls for me. In some way its the family that I don’t constantly see who reminds me most that the real human being is the soul. In them I see the changes of the human body over time most vividly. Since I don’t see them overly regularly, the changes that creep up unnoticed on those who see them day-in and day-out have a better chance of being noticed. I can more easily notice who aged, who grew, whose face subtly changed, who gained weight, who lost weight, etc. Yet, in the warmth of their greetings the same person shine through the changes in bodily garb. We pick up our conversations as easily as if it was 20 years ago or so, when we didn’t live so far apart and we imagined that life would always be that way. Sharing a room and celebration with such people yesterday was profoundly warm. Thank You for the experience. Thank You for the joy and celebration.

Yet, truthfully even the body’s ability to garb the soul has limits. If the mind/brain isn’t working properly then the soul can’t properly don her most basic garment to interface with the world. She struggles to fit into a tattered garment, depending on the circumstances, with mixed success. This is what I experienced visiting an elderly sick relative in the hospital yesterday. She literally had trouble entering her brain/mind to carry on a normative conversation. To me, she appeared bewildered by the whole encounter and was pretty soon struggling to find a way to ask me to leave. Please heal her mind and body soon, very soon. I profoundly miss the person who once comfortably inhabited that mind and body. I also feel sad for her, profoundly sad. She’s my last living grandparent. Please extend a special revelation of Your compassion to her.

Each human being is a true treasure of Yours, a soul extended by Your Love into the earth plane, garbed with garbs upon garbs to make the extension possible. You honor the soul with such profound garbs, that the best scientists are still finding her outermost simplest garb too deep a mystery to fully grasp. Your relationship with each of Your treasures is truly unique. No soul can step into the sacred space of Your relationship with another soul ~ just like no child can step into the emotional space of his/her sibling’s parent/child relationship. On a real sense, each soul is truly Your Only Child!

Thank You for this reflective meditation/prayer.  

Love & Kisses ...

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