Sunday, September 23, 2012

Celebrating Otherness

Listening to an interview with the Chief Rabbi of England left me with the impression that the job of our age is not to determine which faith is right or wrong, but, simply to get along. Celebrating "otherness" and reaching out to our fellow human beings in love across the ethnic, cultural and religious divide is probably the exact medicine our age needs.

He explained that the Creator is far bigger than religion and just like I can’t understand the uniqueness of my brother’s relationship with my parents, I can’t understand another religion’s unique relationship with our Divine Parent.

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  1. Comments from FaceBook post:

    Brenda L. H-H :)

    Moshe Mordechai Z. S. : If you're Jewish, you're a Jew and be one with Love:-) if you're not, follow the Noahide Laws and do that with Love too.

    Choni Elchonon Kihleel: Amen :)

    Marcia K. B. : Amen

    Brenda L. H-H: Ameen:)

    Ruth J: Amen. Met him quite a few times and he always makes sense

    Jay R: Choni, I have been saying this for a couple years now but never posted it because I thought mainstream frumies would think I am a quack-job however I am glad that such huge tzadikim of our dor are thinking his way and thank you for spreading it :)

    Choni Elchonon Kihleel To Jay R. : Then you are ahead of me. I didn't evolve into this position until rather recently. I was wrapped up in the "search for truth". This colored my stance on a variety of issues (whether or not the "frumies" agreed). However, it really makes sense to me that my ponderous search for truth was meant to be private &/or shared with a limited, but, interested audience. It's not the call of generation by any stretch. This head space is really a nice place to be in. :)

    Yamile L: Excellent thought, Choni ! :) ...It's happening! slowly, but for sure is happening. Hashem listens and answers our prayers.

    Choni Elchonon Kihleel: Thank you Yamile L. For sure He loves prayer :) I take it that I'm not the only person evolving in this direction. I did not realize when I posted this status update how many people would respond. It's very encouraging. It's nice to feel like I'm joined by others. :)

    Wendy C. B.: I think your right...if everyone were less concerned with being "right" and more concerned with helping and loving each other, there would be less hate, less violence...less negitivity in general..but our "human" ( physical self) is selfish and desires to be "RIGHT"...and that gets in the way of our "heart" (spiritual self)...and so we go on as we have been...judging and hating and condeming....which was never what the Creator had in least I dont think He did.

    Yamile L: Wendy my applause to you dear :) wow, you just filled my heart with a very great positive energy. I love the way you think !

    Wendy C. B.: Thank you! lol I have my moments....I think it is hard for people to think outside of themselves, and so the only way they know is their way...the only things they concern themselves with are their wants and needs...they are unaware for the most part that not everyone is the same as them...and they have no real desire to know, to understand things that are outside of their own comfort zone...I am not the same as most people so I live every day with the understanding that we can not grow as people unless we step outside of ourselves, outside of our comfort zones..know what I mean? :)