Friday, September 21, 2012

Vast & Varied; Ensouled Beings ~ two related prayer sessions


19 Elul 5772, 8:10AM, Thursday, at a Starbucks in Philadelphia

Dearest Sweet Beloved Divine Parent,

Thank You for this opportunity to commune with You. The day looks dreary and darkened. However, this doesn’t have to be how I feel. I can feel elated and inspired. The outer weather doesn’t need to rule the inner weather.

This morning I was contemplating how this world is literally a meeting place for souls from so many different levels. Souls come from different soul families. Often, it’s possible that the higher realms are so vast and multi-dimensional that they don’t meet. How matters go on the earthly level often influence the flow of blessing and illumination to a soul family in a particular region of the spiritual realms. So certain souls will be “released” or “sacrificed” to be sent to this realm in order to effect the flow of blessing [to that celestial region and by extension to the resident soul family].

Yet, here on the earthly realm, there’s limited dimensionality. The directions one can go are too few [limited by the dimensions of space and time]. So all souls who occupy bodies, regardless of soul family, are forced into a shared dimensionality. At best, a soul family can claim a region on earth that’s a parallel to it’s region in the spiritual realms. Still, it can’t fully claim exclusivity in it’s region because people belonging to other soul families often come and go; through trade often leave their cultural influence, through media get to speak directly to the inhabitants. Certainly, as technology makes the world smaller and smaller a choke hold is cast over isolationism. This is part of what’s causing what we see today called “extremism”.

Extremism is an internal isolationism. When a soul wants what’s spiritually and culturally familiar to her, without the full support of the outside world to provide her with her “matching environment”, she tries to create that environment internally, in her being, which often leads her to become and appear out of sync with her external environment.

However, such measures are only temporary because as the earthly realm becomes more integrated so do the heavenly realms. This is the process of “tikkun” or repair. Of course, this process is reflective. As the vastness of heaven becomes more unified, even more unity reaches earth; further, “tikkun”.

The reason why the process of unification [first] begins with earth, and earth was made with limited dimensions to facilitate the process, is because earth mostly relates to the Oneness exemplified by the “afterglow” and heaven mostly relates to the Infinity of the Infinite Light. [Oneness is togetherness - as reflected in the limited dimensionality of the earthly realm, which gathers together embodied souls and other spiritual lights, who would normally be spread out over the dimensional vastness of the spiritual realms in their disembodied states.]

Thank You … Love and Kisses ...


23 Elul 5772, 8:13AM, Monday, at a Starbucks in Philadelphia

Dearest Sweet Beloved Divine Parent,

Thank You for this opportunity to reach out to You. Thank You for this opportunity called, “life” - an opportunity to be surrounded by so many ensouled beings. I’m not the only ensouled being, but, surrounded around and around ~ interacting with ensouled beings. It’s so beautiful to be in a sea of so many “walking candles”, each carrying a “soul flame”, a consciousness. It’s so beautiful, so cozy and cuddly.

The human soul is very very special, as Rabbi Ya’akov Meir Shpielman teaches in “Tal Oros” that the consciousness of a being depends on the level its drawing from cosmically. A rock draws from a lower level than a tree. A tree draws from a lower level than an ox and an ox draws from a lower level than a human. It really depends on what level the particular consciousness branches off into a recognizable being. So for example, a human soul branches off much higher cosmically than an ox’s soul. As a result, it’s already available higher up to extend her identity into an earthly body.

Therefore, every human being is a window through which higher realms peer into our earthly realm. Vice versa, every human being is a window by which the earthly realm can peer into the heavenly realms. However, the beauty of a window is that it’s a spot of transparency which allows lights to flow through. Open a window shade and the room is lit. So every encounter with every human is potentially so beautiful. Please help me do a much better job of opening my own window shade to see this. In most cases, it’s not the other person’s blockages that interfere with this transparent connection, soul to soul, but my own. So please help me open my own window shade, even more, even higher.

This world is populated by people whose souls come from so many cosmic levels. Paradise is vast and varied. Yet, as a marketplace is a gathering point for people far and wide, so too the earthly realm is where souls from the vast and varied spiritual realms converge to interact and transact in varied currency ~ thoughts, ideas, perspectives, designs, song, music, goods, etc.

In a market place, one is dazzled by the array of cultures that pass one’s eyes. So too in this realm, I am dazzled by the array of soul styles that I encounter. It’s beautiful. Thank You for this amazing experience. Thank You for making me alive to it. It’s a true celebration!

Love and Kisses ...


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