Friday, January 3, 2014

You Choose

There's a Jewish mystical teaching that everyone has a special Mitzvah, one that uniquely connects the person Above. While we are supposed to keep them all, this special Mitzvah is supposed to receive an extra level of care and dedication, as it serves as a person's unique spiritual channel.

For about 25 years, I thought that this special Mitzvah is something that is supposed to be related to the person by a trusted saintly guide or in a personal spiritual revelation. In tonight's Chassidus class, Rabbi David N. Krasnjansky burst my bubble.

He told me that it's a lot like naming your child. You choose the name and the Creator works it out that it was the right name for his/her soul. Similarly, you choose that special Mitzvah, practice it to the point of self sacrifice, and the Creator will work it out that somehow it will in fact be your own special Mitzvah. Don't wait around for a spiritual revelation or for a trusted spiritual guide to come along.

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