Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Flattened Time

I reconcile the Biblical account of creation with scientific findings by employing the Kabbalistic teaching that the world was not yet physical until Adam & Eve ate from the fruit. Therefore, the six days of creation also did not not happen in physical time, but rather in a multidimensional spiritual time. When the fruit was eaten this spiritual time, with all it's past history, became physical.

The first couple's native reality became a many less dimensional reality and what was held in a mere few days now needed billions of years to contain. the loss of dimensionality meant that each unit of time had to contain much less. It' like a ball of dough placed on a flat kitchen table. So long as it remains a three dimensional ball, it only takes up a relatively small space on the two dimensional kitchen table. However, if the dough is flattened down, it now takes up considerably more space on the flat kitchen table. Less use of the third dimension, height, means more use of the other two dimensions, length and width, to compensate.

So too with time, as it relates to the Biblical creation story. The removal of one or more of the dimensions of time, after eating the fruit, meant that more was flattened into the remaining dimensions of time - past, present and future, This made the history of our framework of time appear much longer than the framework inhabited by Adam & Eve in the pristine Garden.


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  1. From Face Book post:

    Romy: Amazing

    Terian: This sounds like the projection theory of the universe.

    Choni: Please share with me about this theory Terian Chertok . Thank you.

    Batya: very insightful. So what does it mean now to eat from the apple? Does the end become wedged in to the beginning? So that the light of Moshiach materializes into our dimension fusing dimensions? So the snake is Moshiach convincing Chava to eat from the tree of life(Torah Chadasha Meiti Taytze)the meal of Shor Habor and Livyasan.Chava(women of redemption) to give the tapuach lashon petach(opening) or port hole to Adam Kadmon. As we say, eshet chayil ateret baala. A woman of valor is her husbands crown, his true inner will. Lekabel pnay(pnimiyut) or inner essence of zeir anpin to unify with her mayim nukvin. Amen veamen!

    Batya: Yechi Hamelech Hamalka! lechayim nitzchiyim to the unification of ma and ban, body and soul, heaven and earth and to our universe!

    Thought Into Form: It's much simpler than this. Consciousness occurs simultaneously time is not. You cannot describe that which is not. Once you do there is decay. What is the answer? Creation is continuous. Forget time bound or dimension bound constraints. Our lives are a series of now's including the one that cannot be fathomed, the two that are hidden and then vessels are provided heavens and earth.

    The status quo is to walk away from time always seeing it as somehow distant when the Kabbalist in their meditations moves with time in effect mirroring the way with a corresponding series of unifications.

    Choni: To Batya, Though western art popularly depicts the forbidden fruit as an apple, an apple is not even on the Talmud's list of possible candidates of what the fruit might have been. However, it's obviously true that at some point in the enlightened future the story of what happened in the pristine Garden needs to be reversed and obviously the light of Moshiach is a revelation of Adam Kadmon (the Ramchal only mentions it how many times?). I understand your threading of the Cosmic Feminine from Cosmic Will, A"K, to Shem B"N. The Kabbalah teacher Rav Nissim Peretz (peace be upon him) constantly told us that now we're working with revelations of Atzilus. When Moshiach comes, we'll be working with revelations of A"K. Thank you for your insight.

    Choni: To Thought Into Form, I think consciousness and time is part of the same continuum (along with space). So as consciousness is continuous, so is time.
    Yesterday at 12:32am · Like

    Choni: If physics can conceive of space as being more multidimensional than we know of it, under certain circumstances, then why not time as well? What can happen to one aspect of the continuum can happen to another aspect of the same continuum as well.

    Batya: I believe we are now already working with Adam Kadmon.

    Choni: I know. We have different perspectives of where we are holding on the cosmic timeline and what that means. And that's ok. I have a deep seated respect for you that you are thinking about such issues, they matter to you and you working with them. The Ramchal actually provides a guidepost to know when we're really working with Adam Kadmon. I don't believe that human history has passed that guidepost yet. His guidepost is the next millennium, the years 6,000 - 7,000. It's when the world accesses more directly the energies from the Sefirot of "Akudim". A bit of intellectual banter is very healthy & loads of fun. I always invite and welcome your perspective. Thank you.