Friday, January 3, 2014

An Inspired Prayer on Beingness

29 Teves 5774, Jan 1, 14’, 7:13 AM, Home, Wednesday.

Dearest Sweet Beloved Divine Parent,

Thank You for this opportunity to commune with You in the early morning. Thank You for the special opportunity to relax. I’m in a state where I just seek to be. This is what my heart desires. There aren’t deeper thoughts coursing through in this moment.

Being itself is a very special state of consciousness. It’s a hint of what’s pre-creation, of what’s pre-verbal. It’s a hint of what was before You spoke the words of creation. It’s a hint of earlier states. It’s a hint of You.

Here I sit in purer beingness. Here I sit in purer happiness. Here I sit thinking less about my needs and wants. Here I sit thinking less altogether. Here I sit immersed in the state that all the thinking is supposed to lead to, yet without thinking.

What does one do with such a state? Into what does one channel it? It’s clearly not designed to grant a state of satisfaction ahead of achievement, making one lazy in mind, heart and body. What it feels like to me is that it’s an opportunity to accept what comes my way as part of a journey - the unraveling of a thread of a journey. It’s an opportunity to approach it from a very different angle than I had, even yesterday. It’s an opportunity to see each event from the vantage point of beingness and as a vessel into which I can shine the light of my beingness. Suddenly, the feelings of rush, urgency and nervousness dissipate into the nothing they were to begin with. In it’s place is the satisfaction of the richness of life, yes simply life, and the happiness with how it simply continues forward in time.

In this special feeling, even as we journey, we are at home. It’s not that we take our homes with us on our journeys. Nor is it that we journey while at home. It’s more like there’s no distinction between the two. The journey through events is our home of beingness and our home of beingness is the journey through the events. It’s not that the two blur into each other or are morphed at a fuzzy border. It’s that they two are seamlessly the same at their core of truth. To relate to life from that place, is to be at inner and outer peace. It’s to allow oneself to truly breathe. This is the true fearlessness, true freedom from “fallen fears” - leaving a reserve in the human heart to be inspired and awed by the cosmic majesty that You project.

Thank You for this prayer in the early morning, in an earlier state of being.

Love & Kisses ...

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