Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Abraham’s Work

I am under the impression that despite the fact that much of the human population claims to be monotheistic, the work of Abraham in spreading the notion that there is only One God is far from over.

Think about it. If we really had the “Oneness of God” notion right, we'd be able to solve a host of major world problems that plague humanity daily. The fact that humanity still finds such problems insurmountable is a clear indication that we are barely scratching at the surface of our full monotheistic potential.

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  1. Comments from FaceBook posting:

    Nathalie: Well said! We've got to try and just keep it simple. He's one. We can't possibly imagine a God so unified. We simply can't.

    Choni: Yes, maybe it's possible to keep it simple. But there's something you are not considering my friend. The Oneness of God have very definite implications for the world. In these implications lie the entire mystical cosmology and the solutions to so many problems. I can so easily see it as a general possibility. Yet, I don't know enough to ferret out the details.

    Mika: The Oneness of HaShem is much deeper concept than merely not associating Him with other deity.The implication of it is He is the source of every being,every event that occurs in history,and should be perceived as His will for His purpose.It also suggests unity of each unique detail which should be a recognizable part of an overall picture expressing G-d’s will.In its depth I do believe monotheism is a source of harmony and peace and the answer for so much pain and suffering in the world.

    Liza: Maybe it's the understanding of the Creator that's needed

    Choni: That's part of what I am alluding to Mika.

    Liza's: Choni, what do you mean "ferret out the details"?

    Choni: It means to coax out details that are so seamlessly inherent to a system that they blend in invisibly and are normally missed.

    Liza: Isn't Oneness all we need to know

    Choni: Knowing the Oneness includes, knowing the relationship between Oneness and the detailed world we see around us. We also need to know this relationship in order to really maximize our individual potentials to know the Oneness.

    Liza: Choni, we might think of the details as something superfluous to Oneness. That is, we have to deal with everyday life yet Oneness is throughout all. We have to have right action in our daily lives, and that's in tune with the Creator.

    Angela: The Essence is One. Everything else is included in this. As we overcome, we become part of the Essence (have a little bit of the divine within us). God, or the Ancient of days, is a revelation of this Essence. Our God is the God of this earth age. He, being a revelation, is One, but the Essence include Gods of all the earth ages.

    Zalman: Don't mean to be trite, but it is the essential truth that the first two commandments embody (in our finite understanding that further your initial point.
    And from that essential truth comes faith/Emuna and trust/bitachon....thus, the essential resolution of what we deem to be problematic can always be found in the essence of the essential Being

    Choni: That's my point. I think a have what I dub a "monotheistic potential" meaning that we can grow in our understanding of the Oneness (to the extant humanly possible). Along with this growth are solutions and ideas we may have never before considered.

    Liza: Yes!