Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Will Take Root, One Day

Tonight my little boy told me that he wanted to watch a superman/batman film. So we found one on YouTube. After sitting an hour watching and basking in his glee, I told him, "I don't know if you'll believe this, but, your Daddy enjoys studying Torah much much more than the film you just enjoyed."

I realized that I could not gracefully avoid engaging him where he's at. He's a child and enjoys what children enjoy. But I hope that I have at least planted seeds for something of unspeakable greater significance to one day take root within him, one day...

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  1. Comments from the FaceBook posting:

    Abigail: Have you never studied Sefer Batman?!

    Choni: With which commentary? LOL

    Abigail: Midrash Cat Woman! LOL

    Choni: Ah...is that the most authoritative commentator on the text?

    Rachel: Choni, you are his model...those are the seeds that you are planting for him

    Choni: Thank you Rachel for your supportive comment.

    Choni: Oh Abigail are you sure that a commentary is needed on how to animal a soul?

    Choni: Commentaries are supposed to be required for hard teachings not for easy ones. LOL

    Abigail:Oops, I removed that comment too quickly... since things seemed out of sequence... yes, probably so, didn't Solomon say we can learn from the ants?... so... yeah... and a commentary is needed on how to plan one's soul... how about you write it and call it something like "Sefer Seeds"...

    Rachel: ..he will mirror you in what you do, in what he sees....
    you're very welcome Choni -

    Abigail: ^ That is true.

    Choni: Abigail if I'd write something lengthy, I think I'd like to work more on the topic of the Oneness. I just feel that there lies the root of a universal spiritual connection between everyone.

    Lori: Good that you let him watch it at least. your child is very lucky/ blessed to have a tati to emulate. my kids and grandkids dont. all they have is me.

    Petra: I think it's great that you spend time with your kids - that's how they know you love & respect them, and that's what will entice them to follow in your footsteps

    Liza: Of course you have to keep telling him. someday soon he'll have an understanding of the depth of your passion and understanding

    Liza: Choni, I don't know how old he is, but I'd think as long as you regularly share the spiritual beliefs important to you, bring him out in nature, have him around elders, limit t.v. -- equally to other things he enjoys. I tend to think children find who they really are without getting disconnected from family, when they have a bigger exposure to things of substance, to counter false culture. they don't teach themselves...