Sunday, January 2, 2011

Silky Blossoms

In early spring, morning weather allures.
Gentle breeze wafts over a lush garden.
Everywhere, a delightful scent of pine.

Stream dappled with flashes of sunlight,
Lulling a mantra with her flowing waters.
Japanese cherry tree offers ample shade. 

Her delicate silky blossoms are blooming,
Decorating her full of pink cotton puffs.
A Meditator basks serenely in her shade. 

S/he notices how "gentleness" nurtures:

How soft weather beckons out blossoms,
Tender treats, birthed from hard wood.

How tender feelings nurture our hearts,
Blossoming a delicate inner guiding voice,
Sounding her clearest in the gentle calm.


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