Thursday, January 20, 2011

Tree Within

Just like you have an "inner child",
You have a developing "inner tree".

How do you identify an "inner tree"?
As an inner force seeking expansion,
branching out beyond your confines.

On Tu B'Shvat pray for all trees,
Including for your own "inner tree",
And as a kindness everyone else's.


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  1. Comments from FaceBook:

    AM: ♥♥♥

    AS: Amen

    Choni Elchonon Kihleel Thank you for enjoying. Writing this poem was such a delicious joy !

    AH: Great poem for Tu B'shvat. Such talent. The rest of the year you're another Freud as I see yourself in him.

    Choni Elchonon Kihleel Cute. Thank you ! What connection do you see between myself and Freud (other than we're both Jewish) ? :)

    AH: the "inner child" and "inner tree". You're a born psychologist.

    SA: Blessings Of Light, & Love ! xxxxxxx
    Yesterday at 5:01pm · LikeUnlike
    Choni Elchonon Kihleel To Sherri: Blessings of Light & Love to you as well. I hope all is going nicely in your life and your living out your creative talents in full measure. Creativity is the portal to happiness. Shavuah Tov !

    Choni Elchonon Kihleel
    To AH: I think the "inner child" idea is credited to another father of modern psychology. I don't think it was Feud's idea. However, the idea of an "inner child" in Judaism predates the whole field psychology. The Passover Seder mention...s "four kinds of children". The classic Chassidic Masters teach that these "four children" are inside each of us. However, all that's "an aside". Regardless of the technicalities, the overall message of what your saying is true and your compliment is deeply appreciated. Thank you for all your support in my efforts. :)See More

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