Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Life's Tapestry

I am a thread woven into the vast tapestry of life.
Each of my strands has her own beautiful color,
Dressing me in striking beauty and color bursts.
Yet, as dazzling as my colors are on their own,
Their real beauty is not in their own uniqueness,
But, in how they fit with the rest of life's tapestry.



  1. Good, keep writing. Try doing different styles, imitating Omar Khayyam for example.

  2. Thank you for enjoying. I sometimes glance at Rumi. It was from Rumi that I realized the power of poetry to convey certain kinds of spiritual teachings to a wider audience. However, to be "Ma'aleh Nizozot", I'm only playing his his general style, not with his message. So my poems might sometimes read a bit like a Rumi poem. Your suggestion of Omar Khayyam is excellent. I was also thinking of Hafiz. I enjoy coming off with a resonance of an Eastern poet.

  3. Just to follow up, I found another interesting Eastern poet while perusing my local Barnes & Noble, named Li Po from medieval China. I enjoyed his style as well. I looked for Omar Khayam, but did not find anything in the store. However, I've seen a book of his in my local library and I've seen poems of his on line.