Sunday, January 16, 2011

Soul Mates

If you want to know whom to marry, 
Find the person you wish to become;
With whom you wish to blend selves. 

Don't expect deep feel romantic highs,
A spiritual high is a better indicator,
Of finally encountering the soul-mate.

Meeting a lost part of self is sacred.
Imagine meeting your spiritual guide,
Or stepping into a temple's ambiance.

There, you'd leave lower self behind.
This too is an encounter of the soul,
Calling for the same deep reverence.



  1. Wise advise and worded perfectly. I wish I'd known to follow my heart when I was younger, although I now think it was God's plan to wait half my life, before finding my soul mate or bershert

  2. Thank you Angela for the feedback. I was wondering whether this poem would resonate with anyone. I also only came to this realization the difficult way - confusing romantic interest with finding my soul mate. One day it occurred to me, "You know if someone is your other long lost self then wouldn't the most obvious indication that you've met him/her be that you actually want to become him/her - isn't this just a natural outcome of being a shared self?"