Saturday, December 25, 2010

Life Attracts

Contemplating Everglades,
Day's beautiful, sun smiles.

Everywhere, colorful birds:
Flying, perched, calling ...
The sky's alive with wings.

Waters also teem with life:
Fish, turtles, saw grass ...

Waters attract many birds,
Desiring her full inner life. 
In nature, life attracts life.

When you wish to attract,
Glow bright with inner life.
In nature, life attracts life.


1 comment:

  1. This is a collections of comments on this poem from facebook:

    Choni Elchonon Kihleel: This poem is truly a gift from my time in Florida !

    DPC: choni very lovely... it feel like summer by the sea... i will read it agian when the snow is falling here tomorrow!!!! lol.

    Choni Elchonon Kihleel: I changed a few words in it. Actually, the setting of the poem is the Florida Everglades.

    DPC: it feels like a summer breeze... :)

    Choni Elchonon Kihleel Thank you DPC for sharing with me the emotional flavor of my art. The feedback really helps me out. :)