Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Souls Entwined

Within the expanse of the universe's emotions, dwell many souls.
Two souls, spirally entwined, spiral toward loving lights beyond.
Twined, one, their spiral spin casts radiant vibes as they pass.
Their vibe stream reach many souls, infusing them with ecstasy.

The vibes themselves tell a beautiful story of yearning and love.
Freshly harvested from loving each other in the universe's body,
The twined couple continued their bliss in an emotional paradise,
Hoping to dissolve their borders and melt into each others being.

Their long journey initially began as a drop of the universe's love,
A love impulse flared forth from the universe's deepest emotions,
Bearing a message to spread love throughout the universe's body.
The "love drop" dropped lower, parting - male and female souls.

Upon entering the universe's body, they entered their own bodies.
Each raised in a loving family, to best cultivate their depth of love.
But, Boy Soul was cocooned in a selfish wrap, a past life vestige.
Every face he saw and kissed was really his own, mirrored back. 

Beings in the feeling realms shuddered in pain over his blindness.
They gathered and determined to wait for this cocoon to unravel.
Otherwise, he would not be able to appreciate his "soul in waiting",
Nor would he be able to spread love around the universe's body.

Moving him along, winged beings vibed him with questions on life.
He suddenly wondered obsessively how and why he exists at all.
One fine day in a cafe', he shared brews and laughs with a mystic.
Mystic beckoned him to join mystics working the "kindness crew".

He joined "kindness crew", doing varied missions of compassion:
Sheltering homeless, visiting sick, drug rehab, battered women ...
Eventually, he settled into performing comedy, to cheer the sick.
He visited hospitals, nursing homes, infirmaries - birthing laughter.

With kindness, selfish streak slowly shrunk, shrunk, disappeared.
With selflessness, his show grew more flowing and spontaneous.
Nurses gathered around patients, relishing his entertaining treats.
Such joyful laughter resonated deeply, often fading illness in light.

A nurse befriended him, hoping to become his comedy partner.
For so many years, she prayed for a Mr. Right to enter her life.
While waiting to nurture a family, she turned to nurturing the ill.
Now, she saw something familiar in the light of Boy Soul's eyes.

She wanted to become him, to bring about healing with laughter.
He wanted to become her, to be even more giving and nurturing.
Under the glint of a silver moon, Boy Soul and Girl Soul twined.
Each became the other, finally becoming "partners in kindness".

They traveled around to cheer the ill and train healing comedians.
A new wing of the "kindness crew" grew under their loving care.
Soon, their students made students, expanding the reach of love.
To their joy, the couple's kindness kept rippling around the globe.

Their fruitful efforts created many imitators - the best compliment !
One day, they were bedded together in a shared a hospital room.
They beamed at a crop of students, competing for their laughter.  
Laugh led to laugh, until twined they laughed out of earthly bonds.

Wrapped in cloth of kindness, they laughed their way to paradise,
Twined, spiraling ever deeper into the universe's vast lovescape .


This poem was written in praise and thanks to our Loving Creator 
"Who prepares the footsteps of man" and brings souls together in love,
to illuminate the world.

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