Tuesday, August 11, 2015

All Ears

Breeze Your voice through me,
Blow into life Your holy words.
Bring them to life for me,
To hear them with all my ears.
Fashioned with many sets of ears,
Indeed, my whole self is multi-eared:
Ears on my head and in my head,
Ears on my heart and in my heart,
Ears on/in every nerve and muscle,
Ears on/in every duct, gland and node.
All these are merely bodily ears.
My soul is even more multi-eared.
Please bless each set of ears.
Bless them to really hear You.
Bless them to hear You through Torah.
Bless them hear You in voices of others;
Whether in the counsel of the wise,
Whether in the outcry of the needy!
Till blessed, they're so so deaf,
And they know not what they see.
As hearing contextualizes seeing,
Nothing is truly seen until also heard.

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