Monday, August 31, 2015

Strange Aroma

Something strange happened yesterday. 

As a kindness, a community member called me to ask me if I needed someone to cook meals for me and my children this Sabbath. I explained that I was already taken care of and thanked her profusely for her concern. Hearing on the other end of the phone that she sighed, I asked her if everything is alright.  She explained that the food was already prepared. So I suggested sending it to another community member whom I felt could really use it.  She sounded happy with the solution and we hung up.  

None of this in itself was strange. That's just the normative kindness that goes around my community, which I certainly don't take for granted. What was strange to me was something else. The whole time we spoke, I smelled the food. Then it faded when we hung up. How did that happen? Any suggestions?

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  1. Comments from Face Book post:

    Chaviva : That's so cool!

    Choni : It really was. I'm not sure it ever happened to me before. It certainly caught me by surprise. Shabbat Shalom Chaviva. :)

    Ruthann: As Johnny Carson would say, "That's some weird, wild stuff" Good Shabbos Choni.

    Choni : Shabbat Shalom Ruthann. We haven't schmoozed in a while. I hope all is well with you. :)

    Wendy: Psychic connection

    Choni : Could very well be Wendy C. Barber.

    Melanie: I smell food a lot when just thinking of or talking about things. I think it's like an ESP for just smell or something. lol

    Choni : Since you have regular experience with this, I take your word for it that I might have had a smell esp experience. Shabbat Shalom. Thank you for sharing your experience.

    Keli: A bit like a "kfitzas haderech", only of a mitzvah with food. Difficult for me to explain. During a difficult time once something similar. .... Maybe explainable this way. The mitzvah was done. She made the food for your family from her good heart. The scent of the mitzvah went to Ha'shem. The scent went to you as food. You had already been taken care of and doubled her mitzvah by knowing another family. Wonderful. Shabbat Shalom dear friend.

    Choni : I like your explanation Keli. I believe her Mitzvah was certainly doubled. Shavuah Tov. :)

    Shayna : Very cool (and I love the "norms" of your community). The sense of smell is the most spiritual of all our senses (ruach/reach). Her altruistic intentions,especially combined with the spirit/smell of Shabbat preparations, coupled with your honesty could easily cause this.

    Choni : Very true Shayna. Shavuah Tov :)

    Liza : That's amazing Choni!

    Choni : Thank you Liza. Our community in NE Philly is really amazing!

    Liza : Choni it sounds like it... very good to keep it that way :)

    Choni : :)

    Tovia: We were discussing in our group last night the heightened senses on shabbat and how mashiach judges by "smell" etc.

    Choni : May we experience his judgment though smell very very soon. The world is in deep deep need for this. Shavuah Tov. :)