Thursday, August 27, 2015

Lantern You

Did you know you are a luminous lantern,
  Shining with splendorous, deep, sweet light?

You intake invisible lights from your soul.
  Then with good deeds recast them visibly.

Far from being static, you are truly organic.
  You not only glow, but you can also grow.

Your every good deed molds your capacity,
  Deepening you to contain sweeter luminosity.

As the soul train passes through your station,
  She holds passengers for your contemplation.

Surprise! You've unexpectedly enlightened;
 Yet barely by thinking, mostly by doing.

Though you can't contemplate your way to God,
  Good deeds may bring you fresh divine insights.

~ Inspired by Rabbi Nathan of Nemirov, LH, Gitten 4


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