Thursday, July 30, 2015

Raw n' Ready!

Anger is a mere shell,
A very ugly one at that.

Its prisoner is pain;
Ignored and abandoned.

Anger just grows around,
As an impostor identity.

Find your core of pain,
Watch anger dissipate.

Treasure this pain,
For it is your jewel,

Gleaming raw feelings,
Ready made for prayer.


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  1. FaceBook Comments:

    Choni : I wrote this for a friend whose very into prayer, but struggling with anger issues.

    Liza : Yes thank you Choni and you are touching on one of humanity's most stubborn problems -- that we do not approach the 'core of anger' or evil that stems only from within each individual, not outside of ourselves -- and this is not religious rhetoric. Only with awareness of the source as well as spiritual awareness and growth, does it dissipate.

    Choni : My pleasure Liza. I meant the poem more in a universal spiritual sense than a religious, just as you noted. It is really amazing how fast anger disappears as soon as the core of pain is properly exposed. Thank you for your feedback.

    Liza : Thanks Choni... important point... I just like to talk out what goes through my mind when posts like yours, stir it up, inspire, bring forth good things to light... :)

    Choni : I love to hear it! :)