Thursday, January 8, 2015

Voices in Dance

My inner voice changed from spiritual to romantic.
What’s happening to me, have I too changed?

I used to be so full of spiritual insight and depth.
Now I yearn to share shelter with a female.

Wherever I turn she appears in form or apparition.
Gentle breezes are ripe with the sound her voice.

I no longer feel like I can dispense spiritual advice.
I can only share the new music residing in my heart.

The songstress’ voice overlays the voice of intuition.
The “still small voice” whispers in the background.

She’s become an actress lurking behind my scenes,
While the siren sings of love, crooning on front stage.

My, oh my, do I call this progressing or regressing?
In the grander scheme it’s really so hard to tell.

The bigger picture always seems to have more room.
Out in the expanse of Infinity more’s right than wrong.

Regardless of my view, I don’t seem to have choices.
I am carried by forces from beyond conscious reach.

I look forward to when both voices will dance together,
When the spiritual and the romantic will sound one voice.

1 comment:

  1. Comments from FB post:

    Mendel: Yep the balancing act ain't easy brother

    Choni: That's much of what this poem is decrying.

    Mendel: Yep written very nicely

    Elisheva: I appreciate your poetry. Lovely.

    Marlene: Very well Choni .... Good morning...

    Choni: Thank you Elisheva and Marlene for your encouraging and warm feedback. It's inspiring to know that someone's reading my literary output.

    Batya: It's really all about "returning", keeping the Shabbat. Return to simplicity.

    Choni: Yes, I hear you clearly Batya. When I get there, the two voices will converge and dance. Shabbat Shalom.

    Andrea: So, Beautiful ,

    Choni: Thank you for appreciating Andrea. Shabbat Shalom.