Friday, January 16, 2015

Shed It!

Last night at the end of yoga class we had a guided meditation where we were told to breathe in love and breathe out hate or negativity. I imagined the letters of the Hebrew word for love, lit up and bright, being inhaled and the letters of the Hebrew word for hate being exhaled (looking smoky and sooty - like car exhaust).

During this meditation I had a flash of realization that I will still have a wonderful identity if I let go of certain painful childhood memories; particularly, from the way I was severely mishandled in grade school. All these years, the narrative of this mishandling was part of my identity. Now I realize that I am free to give myself the gift of detaching my identity from this narrative.

I can now shed it, to welcome a freshly liberated level of my identity awaiting within.

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  1. Comments to FB post:

    Melissa: I wish I could dislike as well

    Ruth: Truly a good thing!

    Wendy: You are not defined by what happens to you. You are defined by what you do with it. I know that the bad things that happened to me happened because I was living outside of what the Creator wanted for me. Which means I took myself outside of His covering of grace. So when I look at those moments, those years, months, minutes and seconds I try to learn all I can from them. And I use them to grow.

    Choni: Melissa it was kind of spontaneous. I couldn't plan such an inner liberation on my own either. In fact, I did not even realize that there was what to be liberated from in this department of my life.

    Choni: It is Ruth. It was a gift from the Creator.

    Choni: Thank you Wendy for sharing a beautiful piece of your spiritual journey that really speaks to me.

    Maurice: Good for you. I did that two months ago.

    Choni: Sounds like in certain ways we are going through parallel journeys.

    Haven: This is very powerful, Choni. It sounds as if you've had a healing experience while in yoga. That's wonderful. I'm very happy for you, Choni. I hope the past doesn't haunt you any longer. I pray that you will forever have peace.

    Choni: Thank you Haven. Keep praying for me. I pray for your health. You need it. Health is the basic foundation of everything else.
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    Andrea:I have been doing that same thing for quite a long time actually. Thank you, Choni for wording the way I feel as well so beautiful

    Esther: Ross Peace and breath

    Choni: Thank you Esther. With you the same.

    Julie: Very nice Choni, I was inspired to look up this quote which I love very much....:

    “Ever, we are not defined by our things. It's not the clothes we wear, the cars that we drive, the art we acquire - it's not where we live - but how we live that defines us. It's our actions that are remembered long after we're gone.”
    ― Alyson Noel

    Choni: Nice and fitting prose for my situation. Thank you Julie for introducing me to it.

    Julie: I try to remember that but it is hard sometimes.

    Choni: True

    Miriam: Baruch Ha Shem.

    Liza's: This is good, Choni.

    Choni: To Liza's Crepes: I have a new realization which occurred this week during guided meditation in my yoga class. I hope to post in the near future.