Sunday, January 25, 2015

Ten Lights Bound In One Vessel

I’ve been thinking as I reviewed a passage in the “Gate of the Bound”, isn’t it strange that ten lights enter one vessel when what’s higher up is supposed to be more unified than what’s lower down, especially since part of what defined “lower down” is greater differentiation? I’d expect one light to inhabit two vessels, like two soul mates who share a single soul.

How does the “bound state” work? I wonder whether it’s possible that the vessel is actually further differentiated than the light. It’s just that since the vessel has not attained maximum differentiation relative to it’s own level it’s called “one”. On the other hand, the lights attained their differentiation potential more fully. That’s why for their own level they’re called “ten”. So these designations of “ten” and “one” probably only apply relative to their own levels. However, relative to each other, it seems possible to me that the vessel is more multiple than the lights are.

I think a good example of this would be a newly fertilized egg, i.e. a zygote. The designated soul is already fully formed, but, the whole body is merely a single cell. Yes, the two have interaction at this point, even if it’s only the soul’s very lowest edge which reaches into the bare beginnings of a body. However which is more numerous at this point, the soul or the body?

Well, that depends on how it’s viewed. The soul is mature with much potential realized. Relative to it’s own level it can be referred to as “numerous”, as in numerous abilities. The body is at this moment in the very opposite situation. It’s a huge leap away from full realization. All potential is seamlessly stored, awaiting the numerous tools needed for expression. It’s a singularity at this point, singular.

Now compared to each other the soul is beyond our framework of time and space. There’s no “location” to separate anything about her in. When slicing pizza, the slices separate into different spatial locations. That does not exist for the soul. Because of the lack of knowable time and space, relative to earth bound perception the soul is seamlessly one. On the other hand, the newly fertilized egg can definitely divide into microscopic sub-entities in a humanly knowable sense. So relatively speaking it’s numerous.

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