Saturday, January 24, 2015

Kinds of Love

Thank You God for my family's love.
Thank You for all my loving friends.
Thank You gifting me to love myself.
Each kind of love is a very different.
I need all the different kinds of loves,
Like I need a vast array of nutrients.
Only, "loves" are emotional nutrients.
As starch cannot substitute protein,
One love cannot substitute another.
I feel thankful for each unique love.

There is one kind of love I still await.
I feel the void, nutritional deficiency.
As a hungry man dreams of foods,
She mists her way into my dreams.
I dream she's next to me, a pillow away.
I open my eyes to her sheer absence.
I close them again to re-envision her,
Alas, my alarm clock beeps too loud.

When will I share shelter with her?
When will our dates be unending?


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