Thursday, July 31, 2014

Be Pleasure

Around a table sat Sensualist, Artist, Intellect, Sage and Mystic.

Said Sensualist, "Do you know the taste of women, wine and fine dine? What a pity. Look at what you are all missing."

Artist responded, "Do you know the sweet taste of creativity in the artistic moment? Your’s is the pleasures of the flesh and mine is of the heart. It's far more refined. So it has to taste better than women, wine and dine."

Intellect turned to Artist, "My work is even more refined. Yours is the heat of the heart, mine is pure abstract detachment. My brainstorming is a creative explosion which lights up the way for discovery. When I find a diamond of pure truth, I encounter a taste far sweeter than you can ever imagine."

Sage turned to Intellect "You merely pursue facts in specific areas, but integrating whole systems and sensing the underlying unity and oneness, is a higher taste of sweetness, one I wish you could attain. Try, the effort is worth the pleasure."

Mystic turned to Sage, "Why is everyone talking about attaining pleasure? Why? Just give pleasure, then you'll be pleasure."

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  1. Comments from the Face Book posting:

    Yael: YES!! I love this!!

    Choni: Thank you for enjoying this piece Yael Nehama Lopez. It came through a sudden flash the other night, as I was shopping in Whole Foods.

    Choni: This piece can be seen as the different levels of self (or soul) in dialogue.

    Kate: It's very good!

    Choni: Thank you for enjoying Kate Cullifer