Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Inside This FB Space

Inside this space FB asked me, "What's on my mind?"

Truthfully, at the moment I am more into, "What's in my heart?"

There are many tears and yet so much longing and hope. As many of us, perhaps all of us, I have been molded and shaped by tragedy. In my case, I lost a string of siblings, seen myself through two failed marriages (each a unique hell on earth), in adulthood suffered through failed career dreams, in childhood received the raw end of Jewish education and never quite recuperated. Tears, tears, tears and more tears.

Yet, the suffering has been my teacher and guide. How else would I know what I truly want to accomplish in my life and what's truly important to give to others? How else would I rise above the fog of personal narcissism and selfish desires. It would be truly a shame if I wasted my life chasing down whims shape shifted by a superficial self and never tasting the delectable treasures of my deeper identity.

So I am thankful to the Creator for the years of copious tears shed in the depth of pain for they washed away the dirt to reveal the most precious treasures of self. Thank You! 

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