Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Souls/Bodies - Exposed/Covered

The 6th Lubavitcher taught that in a state of prophecy our ancient prophets would undress, naked, as a kind of return to the state of holiness that prevailed in the Garden of Eden.

This week I reflected over this and realized that the main reason why we need to cover physically is because we're covered spiritually - even from our own selves. If our souls were more fully exposed then our whole relationship to what's bodily would undergo a major paradigm shift.

Shabbat Shalom FB Friends :)

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  1. Comments from the FB posting:

    Ester: With all due respect to Lubavitcher!!! When we pass on if we are righteous we will be dressed in special garment! and if not righteous, we will either return or go the seven different level of hell.. depending on our sins and the cleanness we must go through!

    Liza: or it wouldn't matter one way or the other how we dress or not

    Liza: whether fully clothed or not

    Choni: Shavuah Tov Ester, The Lubavitcher Rebbes totally agree with your point. In fact, the very first place I learned about the topic you raise was in "Tanya", some 25 years ago, written by the first Lubavitcher Rebbe. Clothing exist on many many levels. I was talking about a different level of clothing than you are. There is the clothing around the soul, built by our good deeds. Those garments are designed to attenuate the Divine lights in paradise to a level the individual soul will find pleasurable. This is what you were referring to. Then there are garments that are really blockages. They don't allow enough of the soul's light to flow through. Every person has a huge capacity to allow his/her soul to shine through in all thoughts, speech and deeds. These garments, block that flow and make it difficult to download his/her soul into both personal life and in interactions with others. It's this latter kind of clothing that I was referring to.

    Ester: Shavua Tov Dear Choni! I think your reference to clothing as a metaphor for Yetzer Chara!!!!! if I am not mistaken!!!!! Thank you for the response! If you please shine more light on this subject, I would gratefully appreciate that!

    Choni: It's more precisely the blockages to one's own spiritual light imposed on the person for listening to the "yetzer hara", which of course strengthens his ability to seduce and entice. In general, all humanity experiences this blockage to one extent or another. This is because all of our souls were part of Adam & Eve's soul. Their soul was so highly spiritual that it included all the souls of all humanity. So whatever they did in the Garden, we automatically participated in. After eating the fruit, Adam and Eve's souls were no longer as holy and fragmented into many many souls - the souls of all humanity. So we inherited the spiritual blockages that resulted from eating the fruit in Garden. I hope this helps you.

    Ester: Thank you very much! I am grateful to you and my own Rabbi Yosef Mizrachi, who has thought me the same! Baruch HaShem*! Blessing my Dear friend!

    Choni: It's my greatest pleasure Ester.

    Ester: Toda Rabbah Choni! it has been an honor!

    Choni: Mine as well