Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Dream/Think Moshiach

Tonight is the 9th of Av and it's time for me to go to sleep. I wish everyone "Moshiach dreams", as today uniquely contains the light of Moshiach. The true secret of darkness is the afterglow which remained after the Creator cleared away His Infinite Light to make a space for creation. Compared to the Infinite Light the lingering afterglow was very very dark and indeed the source for all subsequent darkness in creation - whether spiritual, psychological or physical.

However, the afterglow had a unique strength. It was the aspect of the Infinite Light which resisted the effort to be cleared away. It was a survivor, proving that it was literally the strongest aspect of the Infinite Light. Based on this understanding, darkness comes from the most intense light. How can that be?

Truthfully, there's no such a thing as being outside the light. Darkness is created by light suppressing itself. Light in a state of deep suppression becomes darkness. Know, that only a very strong light can affect self suppression. A weak light is doesn't have enough strength for such a feat.

This is why specifically on the darkest day of the year, there lurks the highest light, the light of Moshiach himself. So have Moshiach dreams tonight and Moshiach thoughts tomorrow my friends.

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