Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Waters of Joy!

I was thinking this week about our festival Succoth and its focus on celebrating water. We take this celebration to a climax on the final day of Succoth by celebrating with a "water plant", the willow, which tends to grow near streams. To me it seems like the uniqueness of water and willows are a flexibility that comes with having so much potential, only loosely formed.

This is a lot like the blessings that come down from heaven - until they reach the earthly realm, they don't yet have concrete form. They can manifest in many different ways, with surprising flexibility. This season we are praying that these heavenly waters take on sweet forms. Concurrently, we are also praying that our inner waters, our personal reservoirs of unformed potential, also take on sweet forms. This way the waters from above will be greeted by waters from below - reuniting some of what the Creator split apart on the second day of creation when He separated waters.

A true reunion!

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