Sunday, October 14, 2012

Self Conversion

The second Chabad Rebbe asked, “Why does the Talmud teach that Jews wander diaspora to pick up converts, when historically there were very few converts?”

He responded, “Truthfully, there can be plenty of converts. Each of Jew can be his/her very own convert. With the Light of the Torah, we can convert our inner animals into holy beings.”

~ From “Torat Chaim” on Parshat Chayei Sarah


  1. Comments from the FaceBook Group "Kosher Kabbalah":

    Meir F: The number of converts is only known to God. there is much much more.

    Meir F: believe that

    Choni Elchonon Kihleel: The Rebbe was basing his statement on what was going on in Christian Europe where it was absolutely dangerous to convert to Judaism. This was the reality for centuries upon centuries. Still, even if today conversion is a lot more common, his message that we need to convert ourselves still applies.

  2. From Main FaceBook status update:

    Moshe Mordechai : The Mitteler Rebbe was beyond beyond beyond Gevaldik:-)

    Choni Elchonon Kihleel:1000 % ! His Torahs have a very unique quality and taste of their own. I notice this when I can understand him.

    Moshe Mordechai: I love the story of 'arrogance' regarding the Mitteler's Rebbe, check this out:

    The Mitteler Rebbe’s Kapelye - 10 Kislev, 5741 • November 18, 1980
    This Niggun was sung by the choir of the Mitteler Rebbe, Rabbi Dovber of Lubavitch.

    Moshe Mordechai: One of his favorite Niggunim

    Moshe Mordechai: Here's the 'arrogance' story:

    Sly Arrogance:
    ‎"Will I be able to do my job?" the Evil Side asked. "Will people really listen to me?"

    Elka L: there is a common misconception that ego is to be fought with, and desires are to be suppressed... here the Rebbe teaches that everything is part of the process of illumination... with every desire we are given an opportunity to shine the light when we transcend it from its potential to complete realization of its Essence.

    Moshe Mordechai: read what it says here lol

    Mitteler Rebbes Kapelle
    This melody is an interesting musical composition, divided into four sections

    Choni Elchonon Kihleel: A very very interesting lesson. I think you should share this lesson as a status update. Basically, the message is saying to me that the satan will use whatever will distract from the spiritual accomplishment - even if it's appears elevated.

    Moshe Mordechai: Basically one has to really watch for the satans tricks... it can C'V come in the form of a pious satan... the key is to ALWAYS ALWAYS TURN TO HASHEM.

    Moshe Mordechai: and Never ever give up.

    Choni Elchonon Kihleel: He's truly sly. This is why one needs a reliable spiritual guide and a lot of prayer.

    Moshe Mordechai: and to know that as it says in the Zohar that the Yidden, The Holy Torah and Hashem are all One, so you can turn to the Torah and grab on and mamash ignore everything else and search for G-d in there, and you will definitely have a Yeshua, G-d will cer...See More

    Moshe Mordechai: Speaking of which I gotta bentsch:-)

    Moshe Mordechai: A Rabbi who is a malach of Hashem is key, and one has to daven for that, it's a z'chus and it's a halacha so it's guaranteed to happen if one looks.

    Moshe Mordechai: and then pray is even more important because G-d ultimately wants you to ... all of us to rely on Him and Trust only in Him!

    Moshe Mordechai: My experience is that every human can make a mistake, G-d doesn't.

    Moshe Mordechai: I'll tell you my vort on converts. One righteous convert is so precious, even one righteous convert was worth it!

    Choni Elchonon Kihleel: Still, the Mittleler Rebbe was trying to make a point that we should self convert. In order to make that point, he set it up with a question.

  3. Continuing with comments from the Main FaceBook status update:

    Elka L: God is One and there is nothing but God... the "trickster" is not some external entity ... it's a state of being, when one chooses to separate (in perception and consequentially in experience) from One... that choice is not for once in a life time, but is presented to us every moment... at any given moment we either choose to separate or recognize the unity that is here/now, through love and trust... at any given moment we convert one way or another... peace and blessings

    Choni Elchonon Kihleel To Elka L: I definitely agree with you and feel that we need a universal theology &/or spiritual philosophy that not only teaches us what the Oneness is, but, informs all human beings about how to live out every drop of life in alignment with the Oneness. I feel like Medieval Jewish Philosophy and Chassidic teachings explain the Oneness, but, the universal application of this notion in day to day life for every human being on the planet is still under-developed.

    Elka L: ... i feel that we have everything we need to experience Oneness on all Its levels... everything is here/now to support the process

    Choni Elchonon Kihleel: Yes, we have everything needed, but, is the Judaism as we know it really ready to universalize? Does Judaism as we know it, really offer a string of therapies, healing techniques, economic programs, etc., centered around the monism taught by the Alter Rebbe? I am not saying that the material isn't there. What I am questioning is whether we know how to access it and as spiritually minded Jews have we even tried to? For example, how would we use the Oneness notion to heal the economy, to solve unemployment, to cure diseases that science is finding challenging, to lengthen life, to help singles get matched up, solve political problems, etc. It's one thing to read Chassidus and get inspired about how the Creator is One in a very all encompassing way and it's another thing to solve puzzling world problems based on this notion. What do you think Elka L?

    Elka L: my Dear Friend, the distances between "we have everything we need" and "us knowing" can only be covered by us allowing and trusting the process... recently i've been watching videos shared by women who've experienced blissful childbirth... now, the common line of wisdom that they share is that they are not looking to avoid pain, they are allowing the positive experience that both their bodies/soul as well as the babies are meant to have... words like "fear", "pain" even "contractions" are not used in their experience... what they are saying is pure Chassidus... that our inner dialogue is what dictates our experience... Judaism is all about this complete experience... in all aspects of life... well-being, wealth, peace, etc... it is up to us (as individuals and as a group) to see it in action, by making the "conversions" the Rebbe is referring to... freewill is part of that experience... a lot of people are seem to be waiting for a pill that will give us all that we want the way we expect it, at the time that we decide that we are ready... but ever since the world was created, we were made to be co-creators... not angels, but a willing participants in the bliss that we are after (that or the alternative that we choose)...

    Choni Elchonon Kihleel: Dear Friend, I think I understand you. In your own way, you showed me that I overlooked the obvious, "The right inner changes will automatically flow outer changes". We should concentrate on attaining inner oneness and the surrounding world will follow our change in consciousness. Thank you so much

    Elka L: peace and blessings <3 :)

    Choni Elchonon Kihleel <3 :)