Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Opening to Happiness :)


Happiness is seamlessly one with the sensation of life itself. Difficulty accessing happiness, is difficulty feeling fully alive.

Happiness is not something the conscious mind invents. It’s a sensation in the soul that the conscious mind merely reveals. In her depths, the soul is always happy. The conscious mind merely opens a window shade for the her happiness to pour in.

The conscious mind does this simple trick for other sensations as well, like sight, hearing, smell, taste, touch, thinking, feeling, doing ... Like happiness, they too are flows of light radiating from the soul. The conscious mind opens the window shade for them as well, allowing these precious gifts effortless passage. Once in, they take up residence in various organs; sight in the eyes, hearing in the ears, smell in the nose, thinking in the brain, feeling in the heart, doing in the muscles ...

So what home does the flow of happiness occupy? Occasionally, he lurks in the celebration of a pleasant surprise, but, more commonly he hangs his hat at a home address called,“giving”. The more one “gives”, the happier one becomes.



  1. Selected comments from the FaceBook Group "Kosher Kabbalah":

    Yamile L: Ok! :-) - btw us I believe that happiness is an illusion - I personally believe in moments of happiness ( when G-d tickles you inside LoL). we can live in a constant state of contentment but no of happiness. every other second the universe is changing so are we. Reading your work now, dearest Choni Elchonon Kihleel!

    Yamile L: LOVED IT !

    Choni Elchonon Kihleel: Dear Yamile L.: Thank you for spending time with my "inspiration" and commenting on it. You bring light and warmth to my heart. I tend to think of happiness as part of the taste of life itself. If one is fully tasting his or her life then one is tasting the happiness in the life. One the other hand, if one is eating his or her way through life without paying much attention then this is like a person rushing through a gourmet dish and missing some of the subtle flavors. :)