Friday, October 12, 2012

Both Upstream & Downstream, Mine is Yours ~ a prayer of connection

25 Tishrei 5773, at a Starbucks in Philadelphia

Dearest Sweet Beloved Divine Parent,

Thank You for this amazing opportunity to commune with You that You so kindly provide me with today and every day. For my own sanity and health I need to bring my heart into close proximity to Your light on a very regular basis. Otherwise, I am out of touch with so much of myself; as most of me drifts into slumber away from my Life Source.

It might be claimed that if I need Your fire to be illuminated then I’m not inherently luminous and all the bright corners of my emotional caverns are really lit by You. On some level, I feel great! And that’s all that matters. The ownership of the lights in my heart is irrelevant. On a deeper level, You own everything anyways. Even what I delude myself into believing I own, is totally Yours. The ultimate expression of this is that the length of our lives is not in our hands. The stability of our possessions and our circumstances is not in our hands. Yes, You made us co-creators, but, only as a temporary situation. And even within this temporary situation our roles are limited and You call the shots. So since in the ultimate sense I can’t lay real claim to anything that conventions of speech call, “Mine!”, I might as well find true happiness in simply the spiritual connections You allow me ~ without attaching ownership values to them.

Yes, it’s true that after the spiritual work of our era is done, You’ll tell each human being, “You’ve earned so many and so many units of intimacy with My Light.”

However, this is like a king who decreed land to a beloved. Since it became the beloved’s by a decree, the land never really left the king’s ownership. The king merely allowed space for the beloved to express her will on the land.

So even if my inner light is really Your Light, I’m happy. It might be claimed that my insights and feelings aren’t my own, but, You override what’s my own. They come from what’s moved within [me] by Your fire. Still, all true creativity is channeled. It all starts from the fountain where You and I meet. There, at the meeting place, there’s no distinction between You and I. That distinction first begins further downstream. At first it’s blurry, then hazy, then sharper and then sharp. However, it’s never real. For I never really ventured downstream. I only dreamed the journey, while the whole time cradled in Your nurturing bosom; never separate, never distinct. You dreamed through me [while infinitely awake].

Thank You [for this session in communion] …

Love and Kisses ...

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