Tuesday, February 28, 2017

First Match!

The Talmud teaches...
First match is from heaven,
  Second, third...earned by deeds.

The Zohar qualifies...
A second match can be first,
  A first match can be second, third...

A first match is unique,
It’s oneself vibing in another’s skin;
  A shared soul pulsating in two bodies.

As a singular self,
We are everything to each other!

Until you came along,
All we could do is is long;
  Long for a distant unknown hope...

We have longed long,
We have longed in womb.
  We have longed since womb.

Finally you came along,
A harbinger of Divine compassion;
  Exposing seamless one in seeming two.

We asked how can we thank you,
For simply introducing us to ourselves?

You responded, “With a poem”.

So please accept our poem,
  In token thanks for a kindness,
    Of a sort that thanks doesn’t suffice.


1 comment:

  1. This poem was written for the author's matchmaker upon engagement to his Soul mate!