Saturday, February 11, 2017

Access to Life ...

Ultimately, every gift and acquisition is about the attainment of greater life. It’s strange how whatever God gifts and/or bestows upon a person is from his/her own life.

Through the progressive stages of concealment access to higher aspects of one’s own life becomes more and more tenuous, until most of the access is lost ~ though a vague sense of familiarity lingers. These feelings serve as an arrow pointing in the direction of one’s own lost treasure of self.

Even the material blessings one receives are only the very shoes which a higher version of one’s own life walks about in. Even if these shoes are relatively empty, they are never entirely empty. They always bear some living wearer; as some new gleam of one’s lost hold on life has returned.

So too with my Soul mate, she’s a lost part of my life which I have been yearning for all along. Together, we’re both more alive! We’re two legs of a greater soul. Our bodies are the shoes. We are each inserted into a precious shoe, so we can stroll the earthly realm together.

Together, we can draw down the light of our unified soul more effectively into the earthly realm. Since our soul is an aspect of God’s Light which He wishes to bring down into the earthly realm to make a “dwelling below”, a temple or a paradise below, by our union we play a very important part in this cosmic process of making our realm more alive.


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