Saturday, February 11, 2017

All Quests are Quests for Life!

Quests to accomplish, self-actualize,
 Acquire, receive gifts,
  Immerse in pleasures, get married,
   Are all to access deeper life; yea... higher life!

We’re like a fly buzzing about a naked bulb,
 With greater light and warmth,
   The fly is flying with more life!

With the energies released by food,
 We feel more alive!

With the love n’ support of family,
 We feel more alive!

Whilst captivated by art n’ drama,
 We feel more alive!

In the presence of saintly speech,
 We feel more alive!

Obviously, with our Soul mates,
 We feel more alive!

Holy souls imbibing Torah in paradise,
 Feel more alive!

With their every imbibe,
 Comes a new influx of life!

Bodies resurrected feel more alive,
 Than in their prior life at peak!

Their attendant souls feel more alive,
 Than in the very peaks of paradise!

Resurrected couples will feel more life,
 With a mere proximity,
   Than they had felt in their past,
     Whilst twined in the depths of intimacy!

One can barely imagine the life,
 Which will course betwixt them,
   In their post-resurrection intimacy!


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