Monday, February 22, 2016

Ghost Samurai

Long ago, you shed earthly shell,
With mission left incomplete.

You sought to protect the vulnerable,
To feed the needy n' unfortunate.

Those you trained failed you,
They barely followed your ways.

They followed trails of gold,
Dens of pleasurable sensations.

Darkness clouded the earth realm,
Isolating that island from the spirit sea.

In a whirlwind, your spirit descended,
To once again inhabit your armor.

You proceeded to train new samurai,
Ones more upright n' compassionate.

You led the fresh ones into battle,
Against the corrupted old growth.

Your armor took arrows n' spears,
But your spirit was never pierced.

You became the subject of folk legend,
The superhero of graphic novels;

Not only for the wicked you slew,
But for the needy n' unfortunate you tended.

Eventually, your new trainees matured,
Their dedication to the cause assured.

You slipped out of your armor,
And in a storm, arose to the spirit sea.

1 comment:

  1. Choni: This poem is dedicated to my ten year old son whose right now going through a superhero / martial arts phase.