Saturday, February 20, 2016

Love Beneath the Crust

I have a feeling,
Yes, a sneaky, sneaky feeling,

That we are sandwiched,
By the yearnings of two great lovers.

Sun extends his giant ray-arms.
Why? Of hug planet earth.

But dark earth can't reciprocate.
Her fiery core is trapped within;

Molten passion shrouded in dense crust,
Her ray-arms remain folded beneath.

Instead, what is she to do,
How can she touch her solar lover?

She dresses herself with trees,
She dons garbs of lush vegetation.

Beautified by her adornments,
His ray-hands temptingly caress them.

With each caress, hands gently rub off,
Turning the vegetation into various greens.

Then she draws his "rubbings" into her lair,
Organic packed, down shafts, out roots, into soil ...

Down below within the subterranean depths,
Lovers finally touch, their lights twine n' blend.



  1. Wendy: Ohhh wow! That is so cool!!

    Choni: It's real multi leveled poetry.

    Wendy: It's a beautiful story.

    Choni: Thank you. It's at once story of love between two heavenly bodies, a metaphor for how sometimes human coupling flows & a potential scientific hypothesis too.

    Wendy: I just think it's beautiful.

    Choni: Thank you.

    Wendy: You're welcome.

  2. A related FaceBook post & comments:

    I am wondering, do tree roots bring the energy of the sun into the soil? I am wondering whether anyone would know. My thinking is that since trees capture energy from the sun and chemically package it, is there any chance that some of that energy goes down the trunk, into the roots and then out into the soil to vitalize it?

    Wendy: I am not sure but I like to think yes.

    Batya: Very profound, definitely something to ponder on.

    Choni: I have a whole meditation essay on it Batya Friedman. I just want to make sure that it checks out factually with what is in the realm of known wisdom before sharing it in a widespread way.

  3. A related essay (inspired by a Tu B'Shvat contemplation):

    Conveyors of Light

    What I am about to write is on the speculative side. I am presenting the ideas as fertile soil for further thought and research.

    As a tree grows not only does its trunk grow taller, but its roots grow larger and deeper. It seems like as much as a tree is growing above soil, it’s growing below soil too. It’s growing up and down. Maybe, the true growth of a tree is almost equal or even, a dual directional expansion. It’s even possible that the true way to view a tree is as something that grows underground and has an above ground apparatus to gather necessary sunlight for what is primarily a subterranean organism.

    I am beginning to wonder whether trees are really the means for energizing the soil with sunlight, so new life can spring forth. Everything is an exchange. As roots bring up water and nutrients from below, it makes sense that something brought back from above to the roots to exude out into the soil. I would like to suggest the possibility that this “something” might be chemically contained solar energy.

    It’s true that fallen leaves and fruits all bring chemically contained solar energy to the soil, especially in autumn. However, it primarily and most directly affects the surface of the soil. If roots function to convey chemically packed solar energy (lights in vessels) then this would reach far more deeply into the soil. Perhaps this energy would even aid in the breakup of soil elements to release nutrients for further vegetative growth.

    If what I am suggesting is true then a tree is a mini-model of the “great chain of being” (“Seder Hishtalshilut” in Hebrew). In Jewish mystical thought, the purpose of the “great chain of being” is to bring light from a more exposed spiritual state to a more contained earthly state.

    The first stage is pure exposed sunlight, which the leaves pickup. Then they chemically package the sunlight. Some of that sunlight is likely packaged in a form that would allow them to descend the trunk, extend to the roots, making an exit into the surrounding soil. The usual pattern in nature is that, whether spiritual or earthly, all traffic tends to be two way. The roots which are dotted with microscopic apertures to allow in water and nutrients, likely also exude the end product of what’s allowed in; in an interaction which parallel the interplay between “masculine and feminine waters” in Jewish mystical thought - where an arousal from below evokes an arousal from above.

    Of course there are many unexplored processes which this speculative idea can be extended to. However, even with the sparse ideas presented here, it’s easy to see how trees on planet earth are modeled on the “Tree of Life”; as above, so below.

    Getting even more wildly speculative, I wonder whether even deeper than the roots, there are further subterranean channels to convey this light even further down, until some trickling of the light reaches the earth’s super hot core, what many consider a remnant of pure energy from before the earth pinched off the sun and on the surface cooled into solid form. This could chart a pathway for the original light on one end, the sun, to unite with the original light waiting on the other end, in earth’s core; uniting long separated lights, converging once again a single light.

    Human imagination can be quite vast. However, it’s only healthy to extend the rope of speculation far enough to open a direction to explore for facts and I felt that’s what I did here.